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The Chicago Bears Heavy Technique

Chicago's Head Coach, Matt Eberflus, comes from the Tampa 2 defensive tree. To close the B-gap bubble in the run game, he uses a common method from his DE: the Heavy Technique.
Image: Chicago Bears

» In this episode, I talk about:

  • Discuss the tremendous turnaround by the ‘23 Chicago Bears’ defense

  • How the Bears righted the ship defensively

  • Front mechanics of the Bears Tilted Over Front

  • What is a Heavy technique?

  • Why does the defense need to close the B-gap Bubble in Cover 2

  • Two clips from the Bears matchup with the Vikings

  • One clip showing how Cover 3 changes the fit into 8-man spacing (No Heavy)

» Other resources:


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Through video film breakdowns, I simplify complex concepts and use examples to visually reinforce the techniques and their application on game day.