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MatchQuarters DB 101: Technique Analysis of the Browns Martin Emerson Jr.

You know Sauce. You know Stingley. But let me introduce you to Martin Emerson Jr., arguably one of the best CBs in the NFL and a 3rd-round pick in the vaunted '22 CB draft class.

» In this episode, I talk about:

  • How loaded the ‘22 CB draft class really was.

  • Review of Emerson’s 2023 CB HAVOC rates

  • Explain and show why he is one of the best all-around CBs in the NFL

  • Fade vs. the Steelers Pickens

  • Fade vs. the Bengals Tee Higgins

  • Red Zone Fade vs. the Seahawks DK Metcalf

  • Off-ball Hesi-Slant vs. the Jaguars Zay Jones

*This clinic will be available on YouTube the following Monday.

» Other resources:

» Sneed


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Through video film breakdowns, I simplify complex concepts and use examples to visually reinforce the techniques and their application on game day.