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Cutting the Crosser

I dissect a play from the Vikings vs. Panthers game that illustrates how a defense can cut a crosser in Cover 1. Plus, I look at the three most common Cover 1 tools: Lurk, Hole, and Cross.

» In this episode, I discuss:

  • Issues with Cover 1 when defending crossing routes

  • How defense can mitigate the risk of in-breaking routes by using ‘rats’

  • A clinic example of exchanging a crossing route

  • The Vikings 1-Cross vs. the Panthers 3x1 ‘Lucy + Dig’ concept (Sean Payton term)

  • Analyze the three most popular ‘rat’ coverages in the Cover 1 toolbox

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Through video film breakdowns, I simplify complex concepts and use examples to visually reinforce the techniques and their application on game day.