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The LA Rams Boss Front Simulated Pressure

All season, the Rams used a 'read' Sim to attack their opponents protections and leverage the Hall of Fame talent of Aaron Donald. The overload Sim read the Guard and gained a one-on-one for Donald.

» In this episode, I talk about:

  • Dissect the blitz structure and design: The why, how, & how to amplify

  • Explain how the Rams set up the pressure using a Boss or Overload Front

  • Whiteboard diagram of the pressure

  • How the Rams used the Sim to leverage Donald against the Colts’ backup tackle

  • Breakdown three clips vs. the Colts and one vs. the Seahawks, illustrat…

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Through video film breakdowns, I simplify complex concepts and use examples to visually reinforce the techniques and their application on game day.