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MatchQuarters DB 101: Defending Perimeter Screens

We discuss a lesson learned from the Dolphins vs. Bills game and how to teach CBs when and where to attack a Bubble Screen.
Image: Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News

» In this episode, I talk about:

  • The cardinal rule for CBs when defending screens

  • How different coverages function versus perimeter screens (High-Low)

  • See a premier screen as a run and using the natural gaps to create ‘fits’

  • Understanding leverage to the ball and to your block

  • When to dip-and-rip and when to butt-and-press

  • How to translate this into a drill

  • Examine a clip from the ‘23 Bills vs. Dolphins matchup

» Other resources:


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Through video film breakdowns, I simplify complex concepts and use examples to visually reinforce the techniques and their application on game day.