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The Art of X Show: Super Bowl Preview ('24)

The Art of X Show: Super Bowl Preview ('24)

Bobby from 'Alert the Post' and I discuss the schematic matchups in this year's Super Bowl.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How can the Chiefs design counters for the 49ers’ ‘static’ mentality on defense?

  • What are some ways the Chiefs can attack San Fransisco’s defensive structure?

  • Kansas City offenses run some of the highest rates of motion in the NFL and often use quick motion to create. We explain how the Chiefs use motion to set up plays.

  • The Chiefs run the highest amount of split-field coverage in the NFL, focusing on playing MOFO coverages on most downs. How does Shanahan generally attack two-high structures?

  • How have teams attacked the 49ers with pressure?

  • The Chiefs overwhelmingly lead the league in blitzing the CBs at 10.3%, which is down from 11.3% pre-playoffs, mostly using them against reductions. What are some counters to these pressures?

  • After watching some Chiefs tape, how do you feel the run game will differ heading into the Super Bowl for the 49ers?

  • What is the general plan on 3rd Down for the 49ers, especially against a split-field defense?

  • The Chiefs routinely attack a defense with stacks and bunches and utilize their TE, Travis Kelce, in various ways to gain the matchup or leverage they want. What are some concepts to look for?

  • Utilizing the running back will be an important area for the Chiefs' offense against San Francisco, especially RB screens. What can you say about their screen game?

Bobby has written extensively on the 49ers and is one of the best sources for offense in the NFL. He is a coach currently on sabbatical. Most recently, he was the offensive coordinator at Providence Catholic in New Lenox, Illinois, in 2022, which finished as state runner-up.

He is an author who breaks down NFL offenses in more detail than any other resource on the market and started a Substack in 2023 called Alert The Post.

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